City of Glass: Mortal Instruments, Book 3 (The Mortal Instruments)

City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare, my overall review on the series so far:I really enjoyed the characters she made, loved each of their individual voices and how different/unique they each were. I also enjoyed the sprinkle of humor throughout the books (I giggled out loud more than once) that sort of seemed to balance the heaviness of the theme of the books in general.The world(s) she created were interesting and easy to picture - I was able to see everything as if I was watching a movie.I will say that I was disappointed with a few points in this series: 1. The incredibly drawn out plot point of Jace/Clary as siblings. I thought it was unnecessary angst and something that could have been resolved quickly. Plus, it squicked me out.2. How many brothers does this chick have to kiss? 3. The fact that none of these books could stand alone. When I read a series, I like to see a clear story arc within each book and resolutions of conflicts within those. As it stands, these three books read like one massively large book, and we still don't have resolution for some plot points. Overall, I enjoyed the series and will be reading the continuation, but there were several points that frustrated me tremendously as a reader. I'm hoping we don't have an extension of some of those in the additional books.