All He Ever Needed

All He Ever Needed - Shannon Stacey I fell in love with Shannon Stacey's work in [b:Yours to Keep|11530122|Yours to Keep (Kowalski Family, #3)|Shannon Stacey||15666798]. I read this series out of order (and it's a good thing I did, considering I really disliked book 2). And I have to say that with this book, it wasn't as good as I remembered.I had a hard time connecting to the characters, and quite honestly, didn't even remember them. Granted, it's been a long while since I've read about the Kowalski brothers, but I seriously had zero recollection, so a lot of the names getting tossed around were foreign to me.The plot was engaging enough; the premise less-so. It was a little too been-there-done-that for me. The characters were likeable, with the exception of Mitch's excessive between-the-sheets action with nearly every person with a vagina in their small town. The detailed recollections of his exploits (as a teenager and adult) got really old, really fast. It's fine for the hero (or heroine, for that matter) to have a past--most do. But it's another thing entirely for that past to be thrown in the readers' faces around every corner.Besides that, though, I did enjoy the characters. Paige was tough and smart and just a little snarky. She was a good friend and a strong woman (even if she had to remind herself to be so from time to time). Mitch was a good brother and friend, and had his moments when he said the right thing. He was missing the swoon factor for me, though.A couple things I didn't care for: the multiple POVs this is told from. The Rosie sub-plot was unnecessary, in my opinion, and I would've rather had that time to get more in depth with the relationship of Mitch and Paige.Finally, while the arc was handled nicely, the build-up and climax evoking emotions in the reader, for me, the ending was just too sappy, too sweet, too cheesy to be enjoyable. Granted, an author has to practically be a magician to make me enjoy ILYs in a book, but even so...these seemed so incredibly out of character and uber rushed, it was hard to enjoy.Also, would an epilogue hurt anyone??? I hate having all the time with our characters spent before they realize they love each other, and would love to see even a smidgen of time devoted to their happily ever after.In the end, not a bad read from Ms. Stacey, but it's definitely not up to par with others I've read from her.