Most Likely to Succeed

Most Likely to Succeed - Kate Davies This was a cute, quick read from a new-to-me author. I loved the premise--the high school reunion--as I'm a fan of fanning those old flames. While this one wasn't exactly like that (heroine harbored a crush, hero saw her as just a friend), it still had that nostalgic feel that I love.While I really like the idea of these being a series of different couples on the same weekend (or so I assume...), I don't think the kinks of that quite got ironed out. There were pieces that were dangled in front of our faces, but we didn't have enough details on to get the whole picture. I understand the blanks will be filled in during the later novellas, but it still had me tilting my head a bit while reading.I enjoyed the hero, Nathan, and the side characters, Tess and Bree, but the MC in this one wasn't my favorite. She was a little woe-is-me for my taste. However, this was short, sweet, and the sex was hot, so if you're looking for a quick afternoon read, this might be perfect for you.