Knowing the Score

Knowing the Score - Kat Latham This was a cute book with a great voice full of humor and heat. However, it was also full of tropes. Lots and lots of tropes, and unfortunately not a single one I like.1. THE VIRGINIf you like your heroines pure as the freshly fallen snow, then you'll be fine here. While I really did love the heroine in this, reading about virgins just rubs me the wrong way. No pun intended. Also, virgin sex? There's no orgasms here. Let's be real.2. THE BIG BAD SECRETI am just not a fan of the whole you-could-figure-this-drama-out-with-a-simple-conversation conflict. It bugs me. And it really bugs me when adults aren't adults and don't talk about shit.3. THE ACCIDENTAL PREGNANCYNow, I'll admit, I've read a couple books with this trope that I actually enjoyed. But every single one of them have been at the beginning of the book, thus the push in getting the couple together. I'm just not a fan when it happens in the middle of a book.Minus the tropes, this was a great read. Like I said before, the author has a fresh voice. I'll definitely be checking out her next book. I just hope they're free from the overdone plot devices.