Dark Wolf Rising (Bloodrunners, #4)

Dark Wolf Rising - Rhyannon Byrd 3.5 starsI'd been given Byrd's name as an author I'd probably enjoy, so I was excited to see this offered on netgalley and jumped at the chance to read.Granted, this is a series, and yes, I did start with book 4. If I was a patient sort of person, I probably would've started with book 1 and worked my way to this, but alas, I am not. For the most part, I understood what was going on, but there were issues that came up in here that I know were spoilers for earlier books. So, that's your warning on that.From the beginning, I was hooked in this book. The first 50% I was totally on board, interested and intrigued, completely enjoying.And then the second half of the book came.Several things just started bothering me. For one thing, the repeated denial of anything being able to happen with Eric & Chelsea. I mean...I get it. He's a DARK WOLF and she's just a lowly human and blah, blah, blah, but honestly. The readers aren't stupid. You don't need to tell them the same thing 15 times for them to understand it. Second, in the last quarter of the book, Chelsea got on my last nerve. I love that she's strong and independent, but--just as with making your alpha males hot without being possessive, controlling assholes--there is a fine line an author has to walk with self-assured, strong women so as to not make them into man-hating bitches. Unfortunately, Chelsea came across as the latter to me. And...why? I mean, why was she like this? We never really got into the depth of what caused her to be this way except for a very brief glimpse into what her father did.And the climax of the book--the conflict(s) that came up--were handled poorly, in my opinion. I didn't care for Chelsea's reaction. At. All.Finally, I could not buy her complete 180 in such a short period of time. A week ago, you didn't want anything to do with him, were ready to walk out of his life forever because the idea of marriage scares you, but now you are...ready to have his baby? Say what now?? Too much, too much, too much. Sometimes less is more, authors. S'all I'm sayin'.However, even with all those negative points, I did enjoy the world, and Byrd's writing (with the exception of the passages of telling she is very fond of. Don't tell us someone said something...just have them say it). And the sex scenes were UNFy hot. It's so hard to find good PNR that I enjoy that I'll definitely be checking out more of her work and hoping I click a little better with the characters.