Darker After Midnight (Midnight Breed 10)

(DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT) BY [ADRIAN, LARA](AUTHOR)PAPERBACK - Lara Adrian Another great installment in this series. I've been waiting to read Chase's story since he was first introduced. He was such an intriguing character to me, and I'm glad that his story was told well.We saw a lot more action in this book than we've seen in past ones, which was very welcome. The story finally moved forward -- and holy hell, did it.I'm a little confused if this is the last book or not. I'm not sure where else she would go with it, but I thought that this plot point wrapped up fairly quickly in the book and could have been stretched out a bit more. It was a lot of build up for a very fast and perfect ending (complete with babies! From freaking EVERYONE! I found it odd (and convenient) that so many of the couples wanted children after less than a year together, especially when their time is measured in such huge increments.).