Dragon Bound (Elder Races Series #1)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison 2.5, but I'm rounding up to 3.I wanted to like this book. No, scratch that. I wanted to love this book. The premise of this series is so intriguing, as is the world the author wove.But.Isn't there always a but?But I just couldn't get past too many details to actually sit back and enjoy the story. The sexual situations could have been very hot, except the author chose to use clinical terms for almost everything. Other details were overdone and unnecessary ("Pia grabbed the second new outfit shehad bought along with underwear, a pair of blue jean capris and a lemon yellow stretch T-shirt with capped short sleeves and a scalloped neck."), and, to be perfectly honest, dated the story way before the time it was written (I actually had to check at the pub date because I thought this was a mid-90s book). The heroine of the book was twenty-five, but acted like she was sixteen for almost the entirety of the story. She was hot and cold, flipping back and forth from being hard and ruthless to crying her eyes out more times than I can remember.The fantasy aspects of this story were very well done, so much so that I thought about giving the additional books in this series a go. In the end, though, I just don't think I mesh with Harrison's writing style. Sometimes less is more.