Passion Unleashed (Demonica Series #3)

Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione I think I enjoyed this book better than book 2, even though I liked Wraith's character less than Shade. Something about this book had me intrigued from the start, and kept me that way through the entire thing.There's really only one detail that bothered me in this book. We've got a half vampire hero and a woman who could possibly die. Umm...why wasn't turning her into a vamp ever --EVER-- addressed before it was practically too late? Seriously. It entered my mind almost immediately, yet the author didn't touch on it at all. And then I started wondering why she didn't touch on it . . . was there some secret there? I focused more on that and wished she'd just have mentioned him thinking something about it so I could stop obsessing over it and focus on the story.In the end, how it played was way too convenient for me to let it slide. For something that should have been dancing around, flashing like a giant marquee, I didn't buy it in the end.Without that detail, this book was a solid hit for me. Great characters, fast moving plot, and hot sexytimes.