Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)

Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews I was disappointed with this first book, not gonna lie. The writing style just didn't grab me. They are very detailed books in that you have to pay attention to *everything* to not feel lost. I mean, since when does a book take me longer than a quiet, 8 hour car ride to read?!?The author's style is also very choppy (The lion roared. I jumped. It was loud.), whereas I tend to prefer more complex sentences, so I did find myself bored quite a bit. Last negative, I promise. To me, it was like the author wasn't writing everything we needed to know. There were several times when what she'd written originally didn't mesh with consequences/conversations/inner dialogue later. At one point, I actually went back and reread and entire section because I thought I'd gone batshit crazy. So, the inconsistencies really bothered me (and they're still going on in book 2). Now for what I liked about the book. The storyline is unique and interesting. Lots of questions that keeps you guessing, without being annoying. There's humor here, and lots of it. I really love Kate's character (even more so in book 2). She's a total badass, no BS, Buffy-meets-Faith-meets-Charmed sisters-meets some really badass chick from a movie I can't think of. and then Curran. Holy mother of all that is good and hot. I need him in her pants immediately. I'm still trucking on the rest of the series. I was told they got better as they went, so I'm hoping for some 4 and possibly 5 starers. :)