Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels Series #4)

Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would.When I started this series, I was highly disappointed. I didn't love the first book, and I thought too much information was shoved down our throats. While I still get information overload at times, I've enjoyed the later books much more, just as I was told I would.The further we get into Kate's journey, the more we get to see of what makes her tick. She's a badass, yes, but she's a loyal badass who is honorable almost to a fault. It makes what should, in all respects, be a cold, calculating character likeable.I still don't jive 100% with the writing style, but I'm wondering now if that's a side effect of the writing team (until about 3 minutes ago, I didn't know this was a writing pair). Some of it feels choppy and short, stilted almost. While at other times, I don't notice it as much. Also, in some spots, the transitions are completely non-existent (see timeline of updates for quote), and you're forced to go along for the ride. Not sure if that's the duo speaking or just how they write - either way, not lovin' it.What I am loving? Curran. Sweet baby Moses, I need him in 75% more of the books (i.e. strapped to Kate's side at all times).I'm anxious to see where the next book takes us, and can't wait to read more of Curran and Kate's journey, and see if Kate's any closer to breaking down the Big Bad.