Heat It Up: Out of Uniform, Book 4: Out of Uniform Series, Book 4

Heat It Up - Elle Kennedy I think I'd actually give this sucker 4.5 stars. I really enjoyed almost everything about it. For it being such a short piece, it didn't feel that way in regards to Becker and Jane's relationship. Even their first sexual encounter didn't seem off, like it does sometimes when characters just meet and hop into the sack. I felt their attraction, their sexual tension. Plus, I think it helped that they weren't all of the sudden OMG, SEW IN LURVE!!!! immediately. They were realistic in what they were doing, and I think that helped tremendously with the storyline.The characters were great - Jane was funny and blunt. Beck was hot and stoic. I even loved all the guys in the background (and will be reading the other books in this series). And the sex was supah hot.My only real complaint was that it ended so abruptly. Stupid "sneak peeks" at the back - I thought I still had like 10 pages to read. *pout*