How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper 4.5 starsWhere do I even begin with this review?!?I don't know if it was because I read this immediately following the horror show that was Nobody's Baby But Mine or what, but I. Loved. This. Book.It was like everything I've ever loved in a book rolled into one delectable little literary package. Paranormal elements? Check. Romance? Check. Funny? Check. Sassy, strong heroine? Check. Swoony, hot hero? Check check check.From the get-go, I was smitten. The title was intriguing, and right away I knew I'd love the heroine's voice. As this book was told in first person (another of my favorite things), we really got to connect with Mo. She's strong, funny, quirky, devoted, and most definitely NOT a pushover. I found her incredibly real. All of her emotions seemed realistic to me, even when she was going back and forth, I couldn't fault her for it, because I would have felt the same way.The setting of this book was another thing that won me over. I loved the homey feel of the townspeople, their interactions and chemistry with one another. Each of the characters Molly created were well fleshed out, even the ones on the fringe of the action.And, of course, Cooper. Good gawd, I was smitten with him. He was surly and grouchy and they had this...combustible chemistry with one another. Their first kiss. Their second kiss. Their first *ahem* fun in front of the fireplace... Perfect. He swooned me so hard with the touches and the kisses and the declarations and the nuzzles. Dear God, the nuzzles.The Big Bad in this book was a little bit predictable, but I didn't mind because that wasn't really what the story was about for me.I knocked this down from the full 5 stars because the big climax moment seemed a little hokey to me and because I really would have liked to have more time with Mo and Cooper toward the end because you know that sexy bastard was going to be all swoony and caring and loving on her big belly, and then the baby. All in all, though, I truly loved this book. I laughed out loud and swoony-sighed, neither of which I do lightly in books.Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to download everything ever written by Ms. Harper.