Animal Magnetism (Animal Magnetism Series #1)

Animal Magnetism - Jill Shalvis I can't believe it. I found a romance/erotica that I rated with 5 stars. Okay, so if I was picky, I'd say 4.5 because I'm a finicky bitch, but I'm rounding up.I'll admit, I was really hesitant to start this book. For one thing, I'd done something really dumb and started with Jill's newest books and worked my way back. This got me hooked right away, but left me extremely disappointed with the last (and earliest) books of hers I read. Plus, the cover? And the title? I was skeptical, but it was on my phone and I needed something to read, so I gave it a go.And I was hooked. From the beginning. Lilah is such a wonderful character. Jill made her extremely easy to love, with her sass and her stubbornness, but also with her huge heart. I felt for her.And then there was Brady. Good Lord in heaven, Brady. He is, hands down, the swooniest man I have ever read in a romance/erotica book. I want to fold him up and put him in my pocket (after I've done wicked things to him). Now, the wicked things in this book?? Jill doesn't toss out words like pussy and cock, but she also doesn't use flowery terms for body parts. She is erotically vague, but it works. It always leaves me wanting just a liiiiiittle more, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.The arc was well paced, though I didn't think it would be. I thought she'd waited too long for the Big Reveal, but I actually really liked how it played out. It felt natural and easy. It was a Big Reveal, but she made it so the things sort of softly clicked into place rather than a BIG BANG.The best thing I have to say is how much Jill has grown in her writing. It was really amazing to see her writing style evolve. I cannot WAIT for the rest in this series, and to read the last in the Lucky Harbor series. She is, by far, my favorite romance writer.