Ride with Me

Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox This was my second novel by Ruthie Knox, and I have to say I'm not disappointed yet.Above all else, I think she creates wonderful characters the readers can easily connect with. In the case of Tom and Lexie, they were opposites attract, and while Tom could be surly and rough, I couldn't help but love him.Their interaction with each other was probably my favorite thing about this book. I found myself grinning for a great deal of it. I love, love, love witty banter and characters that can volley back and forth like that, and Lexie & Tom definitely play that part.The setting of this book was something that was a nice change of pace. I've seen several people who said the journey was fairly predictable, but I actually thought there were some nice potholes (heh, see what I did there?) thrown in their way. We got to simmer over their conflict, and that made the resolution all the better.The reason I didn't give this 5 stars were really just detail things that stood out to me: we wear our rings on our left hand, yet he glances at her right to see if she's married. We also don't use wanker or rubbish (with any frequency, anyway). Those details, as insignificant as they were, stuck with me, unfortunately. Besides that, I thought the end came up rather abruptly, especially when my e-book said I was only 85% done. Imagine my surprise when I turned the page to the acknowledgments. *sigh* After such a long period of detachment between Lex & Tom, it would've been nice to read a scene where they were together again.And speaking of those scenes, this book had one of the hottest and most sensual love scenes I've ever read. It was poignant and powerful. I loved it.