Making Him Sweat (Harlequin Blaze Series #740)

Making Him Sweat - Meg  Maguire 3.5Meg Maguire has won me over with her endearing, real heroes and heroines, and the believable dialogue within her books. Making Him Sweat was no different. I found myself grinning while reading the interaction between Jenna and Mercer. I couldn't get enough of the fun, flirty banter between them and wanted more, more, more.The first 50% of this book had me sucked in, rooting for Jenna and Mercer's relationship, feeling strongly for these two characters, and even at one point, bringing me to surprising tears.However, she lost me a bit in the second half. It felt dragged out, something that allowed the tension I felt within the relationship to fizzle. It became too focused on Jenna's match making business and a party rather than what I was there to read--the romance between Jenna and Mercer. Unfortunately, here I think this was a case of more isn't always better. As much as I love full length novels, I actually think this particular story might've been better suited to a novella where the tension could've stayed ramped on high rather than strung along and left by the wayside. While not my favorite MM book, this was still a cute read, and I loved the realism the author provided with the MMA circuit. Especially after some less than realistic books I've read in the past with heroes that are a bit too...effeminate. I'm excited for book two (Rich and Lindsey, perhaps?), and look forward to reading more in this setting.