Private Practice

Private Practice - Samanthe Beck 4.5 starsSometimes you just get the perfect book at the perfect time after a whole pile of not-so-perfect books. And. Well. This one was it for me.I really loved nearly everything about it. I was enamored with Tyler from the beginning. He had this...idek. This charisma. He was, maybe, the perfect hero I've ever read. He was dominant, but giving and gracious and understanding and patient. And loyal. And funny. And willing to be submissive so the heroine could have her fun. (Seriously. So. Hot.)And the heroine...while she normally may have bothered me had I picked this up on an off day, I found her endearing. Her strict Type A personality didn't rub me the wrong way. It was just who she was, and I loved watching her grow. Her...naiveté, I guess, was a bit frustrating at times. She was very dense for being a doctor, but, again...this book got me at the right time, and the positive aspects of her personality (strength, humor, determination) all won me over.The slow burn of this sealed the deal with me, and the intimate scenes were...whoa.While there were minute details that knocked this down from a solid 5 star read, I really enjoyed this more than I have anything in quite a while.I do wish I had more of Ellie and Tyler (seriously, would an epilogue kill anyone??). And I really hate finding a new, wonderful author, only to realize this is her debut.