The Story Guy (Novella)

The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers 3.5 starsWell, color me surprised. Another beautiful, poetic voice in the world of erotic romance. They are so few and far between, I, for one, am thrilled that Ms. Rivers is finally on the scene.The set-up of this novella is unique and intriguing and...okay, a little weird. It was a little weird when Carrie and Brian first met, too, and I was thinking there was no way there was going to be chemistry between these two characters. And then the kiss happened. And wow.I really felt the struggles of the characters, the push and pull and the wondering, but at times I was frustrated with how Carrie handled some of the situations. I won't say much more than that, so as not to spoil for potential readers, but a few things she did just didn't sit well with me. I wanted--I expected--more from her.The only other issue I had with the book was one of the sex scenes--the sex scene. The language, the flow, the situation...none of it worked for me, but that is totally a me thing. My personal preference, and I don't want to dissuade anyone from reading based on that and that alone.If you're looking for a fresh, poetic voice in erotic romance, Ms. Rivers fits the bill.