Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11)

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian After the end of the last book in this series, I was ready for this to be over. I had a discussion with a few friends about where the author could possibly take these upcoming books. Our basic conclusion was that she could only drag it out.Wellllll...I was pleasantly surprised with the plot here and the crop of new issues facing The Order. Edge of Dawn takes place 20 years in the future. All those babies the breedmates were popping out in the series? Yep, they had a purpose.This book was one of the better in the series, in my opinion. It had action, suspense, romance, and wonderful characters. I loved Mira and Kellan, their struggles, and their love. It was heartwarming, if not entirely realistic, to hear how long they'd waited for each other, and I loved their reunion.As with all other books in this series, the action is there, nearly from the get-go, so it's a fast-paced, at times heart-racing read. I found myself speed-reading at one point just to get to the goods of what was happening. The only way this book could've been better was if the author has spared us talk of weeping, juicy petals. I loathe flowery language, especially in a PNR where the heroes are all giant badasses who kill people for a living. Just call it what it is and be done with it.A few other things cropped up that have been constant in previous books -- the author's use of "ripe/harsh curses" (most of them under their breath) rather than just saying the words, and starting nearly every piece of dialogue (I'm exaggerating) with, "Ah, Christ/Heroine of the Moment's Name/Fuck/etc." Not a deal breaker, but something I wish her editor would bring up to break the habit.All in all, a great start to a new chapter in this series, one I'm very interested to see where it goes. Nathan next, perhaps?ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Random House