Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning The only thing saving this from 2 stars is the tiny bit we got of Mac and Barrons in this book.My overall impression? Too much, too late. The author waited till the last 50 pages of a 2,000 page series to fill in ALL the blanks, while throwing in some new information while she was at it. It was all extremely exhausting and overwhelming to read. I didn't feel satisfied with the ending, and because everything was shoved at us at the last minute, I felt like the previous books were a waste of time.I also really had a problem with her writing style. Question after question and page after page of internal dialogue is tedious and boring. Besides that, she switched tenses regularly and POVs without any indication in the chapters. It's like she sat down and wondered how she could possibly make the most confusing book and set out to do just that.Highly disappointed with the last book in this series.