Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2)

Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) - Cherrie Lynn This book had my full attention. I don't know what it was about it (that's a lie; I totally know what it was about it, and it came with the two sleeves and a peen piercing) that kept me interested. There were things about this book that would normally have me rolling my eyes, cringing, scoffing, or doing all three (namely: a goatee, a water bed, love tunnels, plundering, and an annoying heroine), but I JUST COULDN'T WITH THIS BOOK.The reason?Brian.I CANNOT WITH THAT MAN.He was, I think, my favorite hero in an erotica book, hedging out Brady from Animal Magnetism , which is saying something.Brian was...such a wonderful contradiction. He owns a tattoo parlor, has two sleeves, his eyebrow double pierced, both nipples, AND AN APADRAVYA, has a dirty mouth, and yet he is sweet, and gentle, and fiercely protective, and so so swoony. For the most part, I could get on board with the heroine Candace, though she definitely annoyed me a lot at times. She certainly isn't winning any awards as favorite heroine, but I didn't flounce the book, so let's call it good. She acted immature and whiny, and at one point actually had me say out loud, "what the hell just happened?" because the "conflict" (and I use that term loosely) seemingly came out of nowhere. Toward the end, it was a lot of on again/off again, and I'll admit, that was wearing on my nerves. That and the annoying heroine are the reasons why I knocked this sucker down to a 4 star rating.Now. What I need is more Brian. Or dudes like Brian. Or just dudes with abracadabra piercings, because I need some more magic in my erotica.