Room: A Novel

Room: A Novel - This book was really, really difficult to get into. While having it written from the POV of a sheltered 5 year old is interesting, it's also incredibly hard and irritating to read. It was like one giant run on sentence through the whole book. The first third of it was, quite honestly, mind numbingly boring. Once we get to the action, so to speak, things rev up a bit and move quickly. However, after the emotionally charged middle, I'm once again left unsatisfied by the events (and the incredibly stupid characters). I honestly find it hard to believe that there are people - parents no less - who are so dense coming on the tails of the ordeal this boy has suffered. I yelled at my book more than once. All in all, this wasn't a feel good book. It wasn't an easy read. And, because it was done like reading one of my son's made up stories, I'm going to say it wasn't very well done.