Belong to Me

Belong to Me - Marisa de los Santos I'm still processing the book. One thing about Marisa's books...she sort of weaves everything together in a very unconventional way. You get a Happily Ever After, but it's kind of bittersweet. She doesn't give something without having something first sacrificed for the happiness. Just like with the first book, Love Walked In, the idea of a "typical" family is blown out of the water, and Marisa just kind of MAKES you accept how things can happen.I felt very much the same in this book as I did with Love Walked In. I didn't WANT things to happen like they did. The truths that she revealed weren't what I hoped for. In fact, I was in denial for a great majority of this book (and the last, to be honest).It sort of left me with a...longing, I guess. A regret, maybe? Of how I wished things could have gone, even though she made them all work out in the end. Just not perfectly.