Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi 3.5 starsI went through a couple different stages while waiting to get my hands on the ARC of this book. At first I was ZOMGSEWESSITED!! to read it because of all the raves that my friends gave it. Then, when I finally cracked open the first page and posted that I was starting, I got a few...well, wait a minute...I'm not sure you're going to like this all that much. So, I was apprehensive while reading, and I'll admit, that probably made me more susceptible to the details that probably wouldn't bother the average reader. I was, most definitely, looking for things that I wouldn't like, whether consciously or not. (which is why I hate hearing whether people think I'll like a book or not)Let's talk first about what I did like in this book. The storyline, in the beginning, was unique and well-paced. I loved seeing how the pieces unfolded and finding more about this interesting world that Juliette knows, in actuality, very little about. For the most part, I enjoyed the characters. I love, love, loved Adam. All of him - every single part. I have not one complaint with the character Mafi created in him. Same with the rest of the characters - secondary characters that I enjoyed reading about, even villains I loved to hate. Juliette, however, fell just a smidgen short for me. There was something off -- something that grated on my nerves with her. Not enough to make me stop reading or stop rooting for her, but something that stuck with me nonetheless. And finally, the way Mafi molds her descriptions together - they were unique and completely unexpected. I really would like to live in her mind for a day just to hear the way she describes some things.However, the last item on the pluses was also the biggest downfall of this book. The style of narration - the lack of edits for a specific reason was just too much for me to blindly overlook. It was distracting to the point of taking me almost twice as long to finish this book as it normally would have. I wanted to run in, cape blowing in the breeze, with 27,000 commas ready to throw into the pages, just to make some sort of semblance to the sentences. There were also things used over and over again - the blushing, though told in a different, unique and beautiful way every single time, was done to excess. As were all the italics. My eyes darted to that and the strike-throughs on every page rather than focusing on the words she was trying to get across.Finally, the ending, while giving me my HEA, was very, very X-Men. I made the connection of Warner to Magneto and Castle to Professor X even before the other characters, very similar to well known superheros, came into play. It was a little blatant and a lot obvious for my taste. All that said, I enjoyed the overall book. I do hope, however, that after hearing the feedback about this first book, Mafi takes a step back and really looks at the way the second and third books are written.