Always - Lauren Dane Well, I'm glad that I gave another shot to a Lauren Dane book. After reading (and hating) Laid Bare, I was reluctant to start another, but I already had them on my iPhone, so figured why not?Overall, I enjoyed it. Lauren still does the thing where she tells you the same thing over and over again rather than just showing you in their actions, which is tedious. Also, her dialogue needs a little (a lot) of help so that it flows more naturally. The sex scenes were there, but not nearly as descriptive as the ones in Laid Bare, but that also meant I didn't have "cunt" thrown at me every other word, either.Definitely not a book I'd re-read, but it's worth the couple hours if you want something short, romantic and a bit sexy. Plus, the guy is Irish with an accent and speaks French. 'Nuff said.