The One That Got Away (Harlequin Kiss Series #1)

The One That Got Away - Kelly Hunter 3.5 starsLet me start off this review by saying what a horrible disservice the cover art team at Harlequin did for this book. A happy-go-lucky couple on a beach with...balloons?? Even from the summary, I went into this expecting something so completely off from what I got that it was jarring. This is not light-hearted. This is not fun. This is not a happy-go-lucky couple that smiles all the time and enjoys snuggling on the beach and flying balloons. This is a story about pain. And demons. And fear and strength and finding your way when you didn't think you could. It's a struggle. Did you get that from the cover?After the initial shock wore off, I was able to really get into the bones of this story. Evie was a great heroine. I enjoyed her sass and her strength. And Logan. Now this was an example where an author walked that fine line of Alpha hero without pushing him over to controlling asshole. Logan hovered over it, let me tell you, but in my mind, he stayed on the still-lovable side of it.And then we had the secondary characters. Max and Kit and even Caroline all came to life without taking away from the story of Evie and Logan. She balanced them all nicely that gave us a reprieve from the H/h when necessary, but wasn't so much that the reader is left wondering when we'll get time with the couple again. Besides the misleading cover, there were some other issues I had with the book. For one thing, there wasn't a definite arc, to me. When we had the big climax, it lasted for about three sentences. It was over so fast, it can't even be considered an arc in my mind. The story just sort of ambled, and though I liked where it ambled to, that still doesn't give it a free pass. Second, and I think a great deal of this has to do with this being Australian, but it was very very hard to read. There were excessive dialogue tags and first and last names mentioned constantly when talking about people we'd met fifty times before. And finally, I'm not sure if it's this author's writing style or the fact that the complete edits haven't been done, but their were heaps of sentences that needed things like commas and periods. I get when an author does a sort of stream of consciousness thing, and that's fine. Sometimes. But when it takes a life of its own and detracts from the story, it's too much.The ending in this left me with a big smile on my face. I wished we'd gotten to see more of that easy-going, happy, romantic Logan through the entire book, but I also know why we didn't.All in all, this was a good book, though don't be tricked by the cover. This isn't your typical fluffy CR. This has grit.