The Man Plan

The Man Plan - Elise K. Ackers 3.5 starsI was pleasantly surprised by this little book. The premise is one of my favorites (friends to more), and the plot sounded intriguing, so I had high hopes. And generally when I have high hopes, I'm highly disappointed.Not so with The Man Plan. While there were aspects of it I didn't love (the heroine's incessant crying, for one thing, and her need for a man, another), in the end, I really enjoyed this story. The banter and dialogue was realistic and refreshing, and I'd say my favorite thing about this book. I found myself grinning through whole passages as they did their back and forth.It wasn't until I was 78% into the book that I realized there would be *gasp* no sex. And, let me tell you, after the first kiss scene? That is something I would've loved to read.There wasn't a lot I didn't enjoy in here, but as I mentioned earlier, there were a couple. The heroine cried. A lot. Sometimes great, body crushing sobs, and other times just tears running down her face. I wanted to slap her and yell, "GET YOURSELF TOGETHER, WOMAN!" I get that she was sad and lonely. I do. But she was a little more emotional than what I generally like in my heroines.And, finally, the whole basis of her man plan--the fact that she felt like she needed a partner in order to feel happy. I know a lot of readers will have an issue with that. And while I got her reasons--not that she needed a man but she basically needed to feel less alone. It wasn't a deal breaker for me, but I can think of half a dozen reader friends who would cringe (and maybe throw things) before the story was over.All in all, a cute, fun, quick read with great, witty banter and dialogue. Definitely worth a read.