Date by Mistake

Date by Mistake - Candace Havens,  Gwen Hayes,  Jill Monroe,  Rosemary Clement-Moore,  Shannon Leigh 5 stars to Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door by Gwen HayesI really, really loved this one. What a great piece to start this book off with. Immediately, I loved both characters. The heroine was strong and feisty and funny. She was a woman I'd be friends with, and I loved that. The hero was funny and had just the right amount of arrogance to make him hot without being a jackass. The dialogue was sharp and realistic, and I loved the situations and their relationship progression. For the short length of this, it was very well played out. I also really, really loved the addition of their advice columns. I thought that added a unique touch that played well into the comedy aspect of this one.I've added Ms. Hayes to my "author gorging" shelf because I need to read everything she's written.And in case you weren't sure if you want to read..."You haven't begun to see bossy yet. I'm going to fuck you, Holly. I'm going to make you cry and moan and beg. I'm going to pay you back for every moment of desperation you've put me through. If you can walk after I'm done with you it will be a miracle."So. You're welcome for that.1 star to Tycoon Reunion by Candace Havens and Shannon LeighThis one was a hot mess. It could've been because I'd just gotten done reading a stellar example of how to craft a short story, I don't know. And the kicker was the progression of love between Holly and Dane in Mr. Virile was more plausible than in this one and Holly and Dane were completely new companions, unlike Annabelle and Jake. With history on their side, the progression and path to love should've been believable. It wasn't.The characters didn't work for me, the storyline didn't work for me, the progression didn't work for me, and absolutely, the lack of editing did not work for me. How can two stories in the same book be edited so glaringly different? Commas, people. We need them.4 stars to Passionate Persuasion by Rosemary Clement-MooreThis was a sweet story. And a perfect example of how you can do an old flame returned and do it well. I liked both characters. The progression was sweet and believable. My only complaint with this one was the fade-to-black. They are my nemesis. DNF Date on the Run by Jill MonroeAll in all, if you buy this for nothing more than Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door, it's money well spent.