Yours to Keep (Kowalski Family, #3)

Yours to Keep - Shannon Stacey 4.5 stars, but I'm rounding up because I ended this with a giant smile on my face.At first, I'll admit, I was totally cringing from second hand embarrassment and wondering if I was going to get over the initial unbelievability factor. It's funny, because in certain book situations, I need reality to ground me, and I call authors out when something is too far-fetched. But in this (totally far-fetched) situation, I just sort of went along for the ride.I really loved both Emma and Sean, although Sean needed to be smacked around a bit in the beginning for his (slightly sexist) views on women (and I was happy that Emma provided the smacking willingly). It was great watching their romance evolve, and I loved seeing that side of Sean come out. Even before he knew he was doing it, he totally was. (The sticky notes - dear Lord, the sticky notes. I swoon.)I knew that several parts were going to come into play in the end (which I won't specify so I don't ruin anything!), and I wasn't disappointed in the least. I loved how the author wrote the ending, with the exception of one tiny detail that I didn't think needed to be thrown in quite yet. All in all, though, I enjoyed this so much.A cute, funny, sweet read, and something I will definitely keep on my phone to have at the ready for a quick re-read.