Animal Attraction (Animal Magnetism Series #2)

Animal Attraction - Jill Shalvis I was so, so disappointed by this book. :( After reading Jill's Lucky Harbor series, I was quickly hooked on her style of writing. I have read...dozens of her books. Animal Magnetism was my absolute favorite book by her, so you can imagine my excitement for the second in this series.Final verdict? One huge letdown. First, let's talk about the errors this book was riddled with. I felt like I got an early draft version rather than the final book. Extra words, incorrect use of than/then, punctuation name it, this book had it.Second, I'm sure it comes with reading a plethora of books by the same author, but Jill definitely has a formula to her books, and the plots are becoming redundant and a little boring. Boy meets girl. Girl/Boy is leaving. One sexual encounter. Regrets/indecision about said sexual encounter. More sexual tension. Sex again. Hero/heroine leaves. Moping for a week. Come together in the end. Get new names/location and repeat.I actually thought that we'd get something different with this one because of Jade's background and The Big Bad that plagues her for most of the book. Unfortunately, it wasn't used that way, and the plot quickly took the path of too many of her other books.I did like the characters--not as much as I liked Lilah and (swoon) Brady, but I enjoyed reading about them. What I didn't enjoy reading about was how we had to be told over and over that Dell was an "alpha male." This is something else I've noticed in Jill's writing - she doesn't show us through his actions/words that the heroes are, indeed, alpha males. She tells us over and over. He's so alpha. He acted so alpha. He was big and bad and alpha. Finally, the ongoing conflict in this book was beaten into our heads. Every three pages, we had to read "oh, but she's leaving." I guess I'd have preferred a little less beating of a dead horse and a little more showing in the writing.If I'm honest, I'm being generous with a 3 star rating. I had high hopes and expectations for this book, and I was sorely disappointed.