Rescue My Heart - Jill Shalvis 4.5 starsAnother solid read from Jill, though I never expect any less.I went into this cautiously. Animal Magnetism was, I think, my all-time favorite Shalvis book. And after reading 30+ books from her, that's a tall order. There was just something about Brady and Lilah that I clicked with. My expectations when I read Animal Attraction, therefore, were astronomical. And I wasn't wowed by it. I mean, any Jill book is going to be good, and I liked it, but it didn't blow me away. So, when I started RMH, I was skeptical. And hopeful. It didn't quite rank up as high as AM, but it was damn close.From the get-go, I knew that Adam would have me wrapped around his finger. There is something about these big, beefy, muscly, tough guys who have a dark and haunted past that just get to me.There hadn’t been much softness in Adam’s life, and even less affection, and though he didn’t yearn for either, something about the damn dog got to him every time.Uh huh. Sure, Adam. You don't fool me.Then there's all the cuddling with the animals. I mean, carrying a kitten in the pocket of his hoodie? Laying on the floor to snuggle a dog? I DIE, OKAY?“They’re here to be checked out,” Dell said. “Mama’s having trouble feeding them all. Grab a bottle and pitch in?”Adam followed him to the back and sat on the floor with Dell next to the box of puppies. It took them forty-five minutes to fill the bellies of the mewling, starving crew. The puppies got a little rambunctious after that, playfully chewing on one another’s limbs and tails and on Adam’s andDell’s fingers.And then we have how he is with Holly...Except, braced above her, buried deep, Adam had gone perfectly still, eyes locked on hers, his usual stoic expression wiped clean, replaced with sheer unadulterated pleasure and need.For her.It was rare to see him so unguarded. Rare and . . . beautiful. “Adam,” she said, staggered by the emotion that swamped her.“I know.”And...Soothing her with a wordless murmur, he fi nally began to move, fi lling her to bursting, and she nearly climbed up his body trying to get even closer, closer than was physically possible. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she did her best to ride him from the bottom, but he kept up historturous pace, driving her right to the edge before slowing again.“Now who’s . . . playing?” she managed to grate out.“Still not playing.” His voice was thrillingly low and rough as he thrust again.And again.She could feel it now, the tease of an impending orgasm. Her toes curled, her inner muscles pulsed around him. Every inch of her was poised on the very edge and she didn’t know if she could survive it. “Please,” she begged against his lips. “Adam, please . . .”He groaned and broke the kiss to give her what she wanted. His head fell back, eyes closed, face tight with hunger and desire as he moved over her.They were both frantic now, but then his hand on her hip shifted so he could he stroke a thumb over her center with gentle, deadly precision.If that doesn't entice you to read, well, I just don't know what will. And if you're reading this and I haven't already talked you into Jill Shalvis, I just don't know what else I can say. My favorite contemporary romance author. Ever.