Naughty & Nice 3-Story Bundle (Room at the Inn, All I Want for Christmas Is You, and One Perfect Christmas)

Naughty & Nice: Three Holiday Treats - Ruthie Knox, Molly O'Keefe, Stefanie Sloane 4 stars to Room at the Inn by Ruthie KnoxYes, this was the one and only reason I bought this book. You slap Ruthie's name on something and I'm going to buy it. She is quickly climbing the ranks to be my favorite romance author, and with good reason. Her characters are strong, sassy and fun. Her plots are fresh and witty, without a formula or cliche in sight. And the sex? Whoa mama. I'm also anxious for the tease we got of Along Came Trouble. Will be looking for that!2 stars to All I Want for ChristmasI was extremely confused when I read this...this...well, let's be honest and call it a prologue, yeah? It's set in 1996, so I was expecting things to pick up to present day at some point in the story. Not so, my friends. This was just the start of Billy and Maddy's story. We find out at the end of the book where other excerpts are that their story will actually be continued in a novel. That in and of itself is irritating enough. Besides that, though, I just didn't care enough for the characters or the writing style to continue on with their story. Regardless of the other two excerpts in this book, the $1.99 cover price is worth it for Knox's words alone and perfect for a little Christmas reading.