It Had to Be You (Lucky Harbor, #7)

It Had to Be You (Lucky Harbor, #7) - Jill Shalvis 4.5 starsI was starting to worry a little, Jill. The last book I read by you was a clear miss for me. Add in the fact that I've been getting tired of your tried and true plot formula and I thought perhaps our time together had run its course.And then you gave me Luke.And then I was happy.Love, BriAbove all else, I really truly loved both characters in this one. And not just the two main characters, but the secondary characters as well. One thing Jill does well is making those bromances real and funny and real. The guys talk like guys (or what I imagine guys talk like when they're together).One thing I loved the most about Luke was his unwavering honesty. Sometimes you get these alpha heroes who feel the need to be all macho and *beats chest* argh! caveman! But in It Had to Be You, Luke is honest and forthright from the beginning with Ali, and I loved that about him.And Ali--she was a great heroine. Not a spec of irritation to be found, which, I'm sure you know, is hard for me to come by.The other thing I liked about this one was that it seemed to veer slightly from Jill's usual repertoire. I'm looking forward to (I hope) Jack's book next, and hoping Jill can keep up the momentum and give me another one I'll enjoy.