Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1)

Real - Katy Evans Thanks to Cosmogirl for reading this and supplying the quotes from the book. "...and he keeps making sexual foreplay to my ear." "So we're in the presidential suite with what feels like a thousand strangers, but of course, there can't possibly be so many for real."" breasts feel so heavy and painful I swear to god I can't imagine what it will feel like when I'm lactating one day.""I may be fucked up, but that guy eats virgins and spits them out like snake vomit.""...a deep, soul-shattering need to lean over and suck it in my mouth. Not the water. His nipple."(my personal favorite): " the first scrape of my nubbin against the rock-hard quad muscle of his thigh, I explode.""His butt defies gravity it is so perfectly tight round and muscular. Every time I see it it any kind of clothes I drool about a small ocean.""He buries his face in my neck and scents me...""All of my desire for him has not been appeased, and it had morphed into this sort of anger that will probably give me a disease and kill me.""I eagerly push my breasts to his chest and anxiously rub my pained nipples against his diaphragm.""...his cock gut-wrenchingly hard and sexy, rubbing all over my body and smearing his semen on me.""I feel like he's a lazy lion, bathing me with his tongue, licking and nuzzling me.""...still have the energy to position me in a way where he can spoon me or hold me and do all his manly, possessive, lion-like OCD things.""Sometimes he washes his semen off my skin, but other times he gives me a series of slow, drugging kisses as he reaches between my thighs and fingers his semen back into my pussy like he always wants to be there.""...I can roll to my side and drape myself all over him like a warmed gummy worm.""Do you like it when I smear your skin with me?" God I love it when he calls his semen "him.""I can't watch you suicide yourself."