The Future of Us

The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler When I got done with this book, I was grinning and happy and had an all over great feeling (basically, the exact opposite of how I felt after finishing [b:13 Reasons Why] - though they were both excellent reads). Last night, I would've given this 5 stars, but that's what happens when I'm left to ponder my ratings either get better or worse. In this case, while I did love this book, loved the premise and the idea behind it, there were a few things that I didn't love in it, and that caused me to dock it a star.I had no idea when I started reading how incredibly freaky it would be. Um. So. 1996? Yeah, I was a junior in high school, same as Emma. Being brought back to that time was...weird. So weird because the authors really hit the nail on the head. (and for the seventeen year old reviewer who said this was a bad adaptation of the 90s, to that I scoff in your face) This was so spot on, it was scary. It blew my mind a little bit with all the details they'd thought to put in that I wouldn't have -- we get comfortable in the conveniences we have now and forget what it was like even 15 years ago (running with a giant discman velcroed around your arm? Taping shows on VHS and what happens when the tape gets taken out? Not knowing what a text is??).Because I'm a ridiculous, diehard romantic, from the very beginning, I was hoping that every time Emma and Josh went on to Facebook, they'd see each other's names as who they were married to. Every. Time. But, I'm actually really happy with how everything played out in the book. I thought it was handled perfectly. A lot of this story reminded me of 13 Going on 30, which was totally not a bad thing.I saw some reviews say that the story never really ended, but that's what I liked about it. Because in my mind, I got the puppies and rainbows and never-ending sunshine I wanted, because that's how I wanted the book to go after I got to that last line.This was refreshing and unique, and barring a few, minor issues, it was a fantastic read.