Love? Maybe.

Love? Maybe - Heather Hepler 2.5 starsOverall, this was a cute read that left me feeling happy at the end (which was why I rounded up instead of down). Piper, our heroine, is a super responsible 16? 17? (idk, we were never told how old she was or what grade she was in) year old. Her mom's a single mother who owns her own business, so a lot of the daily household and parenting duties (to her two young siblings) falls on her shoulders. After her father and stepfather both bailed on her life, she's cynical and jaded when it comes to love. Enter BFF on the scene with a Valentine's plan to get the three friends dates for the big day. It involves some (fake?) magic and some yummy treats. I didn't really get the unexplainable situations behind the whole "magic" situation. It was never touched on after the initial instances, and at the beginning of this book, I was actually wondering if this was supposed to be a paranormal YA. That was one of many things I just didn't get with this book. The intent was there, but the execution was just sort of...lacking.This was told in first person narration, and while I didn't mind Piper's voice, I also couldn't connect with her very much. The writing style felt choppy and scattered, and it seemed to focus on inconsequential details rather than the important things. (I don't need to know how she got from her bedroom to the car outside and every step in between). Rather than focusing on that, I wish we would've gotten more meat, and I really wish we would've been given some physical descriptions of the characters. We got none.There was also a whole lot of, "What was that look for?" and cut off sentences where characters didn't finish their thoughts...way too much secrecy and I didn't understand the purpose of it at all. For me, the story came together in the last 10% of the book. I wish we would've had more substance in the rest of the book, and I really wish we would've gotten more Charlie because what tiny little bit we saw of him was great and he had the potential to be super swoony....And I just reread what I wrote and realized I said "wish" about 47 times. That pretty much sums it up. I wished for a whole lot more than I got.All in all, not a bad read, but not something that will stick with me or something I'd reread again.