Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman ***contains spoilers***I was beyond anxious to read Where She Went because of how much I loved If I Stay. So, needless to say, my expectations were pretty high. The author did a great job of altering her voice to portray Adam versus Mia. I thought Adam's story was much grittier, even though the subject matter obviously wasn't. I'm actually a little shocked by the contents of it, considering it's still a YA book. I guess what let me down in the book was the resolution with Mia. After three and a half years, I'd hoped there would be a little more. There were definitely parts of this book that I loved, scenes I wish I could have quoted as I read, but didn't want to spoil. I loved seeing more of Mia and Adam before the accident and getting a glimpse of that all-consuming love. In the end, I thought the conclusion was sufficient, though not wow-worthy. Another shocker: my eyes stayed completely dry through this entire book. Considering I sobbed like a baby with If I Stay, I sort of assumed I would be hit as hard emotionally, and I'm kind of sad that I wasn't. Regardless, Where She Went is a good follow-up; I was just expecting great.