Speechless - Hannah Harrington Having read the summary for this one, I was intrigued from the start. I hoped that it would pull off what Speak did not manage to for me. I was hoping for something truly unique - a different take on something I've already read before. Unfortunately, Speechless didn't quite manage the feat. The heroine, Chelsea, is quite unlikeable from the get-go. She reminded me a lot of the heroine in Before I Fall. She was snotty, bitchy, self-centered, immature, and quite frankly, I wasn't sure she'd be able to be redeemed. But the author managed to develop Chelsea as she went on with her vow of silence. It was slow going, but that made it believable to me. Unfortunately, once she started speaking again, I was pulled down into her snotty attitude again. It was frustrating, to say the least.The supporting characters, however, were well fleshed out. I liked all the ones we were supposed to like--Asha, Lou, Dex, Andy, Noah, and, of course, Sam (swoony Sam)--and hated all the ones we were supposed to hate. I thought the author did a great job developing all of them into colorful centerpieces in this book.In the end, though, the plot was just too similar to Speak for me to feel much differently about it. I was actually wavering on giving this 2.5 stars, but the last couple of lines seeped over me and settled right into my heart. I love when an author manages to pull everything together and leaves the reader with a sense of closure, satisfaction, and happiness. For that reason, I bumped this up to 3. It's a solid read, and for those that haven't already read Speak, you may find this more enjoyable than I did.