The Boyfriend App

The Boyfriend App - Katie Sise 3.5 starsThis was a cute, fun read. I loved Aiden and even enjoyed our MC, Audrey. It was a unique idea executed well.Ms. Sise did an excellent job of fleshing out all the characters and accurately portraying high school life. I hated a whole lot of the secondary characters in this (cough Blake cough), so kudos for making them take a life of their own.I will say that this became really far-fetched at a certain point--just completely over the top. And there were a lo-hooooot of tech terms in here. So much so, that I probably skimmed a good 20% of the book.However, for the most part, this was a cute, refreshing, enjoyable read. I'm excited to see what else Sise has in store for us.